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This website is made to lean all work at a place             
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VLE-Mohan Kumar Singh
Add-Bindusar Bujurg,Siwan,Bihar

VLE-Om Prakash Maurya
Add-Bindusar Bujurg Siwan,Bihar

Mannaging Director of Website-Mr Ashok Singh

Co Founder of website-Ashutosh Kumar
Add-Balia,Tarwara, Siwan,Bihar

VLE-Jay Bahadur Kushwaha
Add- Badaram,Siwan,Bihar

VLE-Upendra Kr Verma
Add- Satkothwa,Sankhe Khas, Gopalganj,Bihar

Website Founder-Golden Kumar

This website is bookmarks of Govenments website which is very useful for those VLE who need all website at a place to solve Digital need of citizen of Bihar ,It is only for Bihar .                    We also deliver some educational material online like RESONANCE,TOPPR,EMBIBE UDEMY csc acadmy work.